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You Didn't Know This About Your Own Life?!

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

You mean to tell me you have no idea? Not one clue? Not even an inkling? *Gasps of horror flood the internet* You seriously have no idea what direction you want your life to go in? What makes you truly happy?

How?! It is made so easy in this complicated world of pressure, judgement and over-thinking? How could you not have a detailed life plan that has you paving the way to success? Well, aren’t you a complete and utter normal person! Yes, you read correctly, you are a normal person.

Despite popular belief, no one actually knows what the fuck they are doing. Anyone that claims they do, is probably lying and has a cat fetish...

The Confusion?

I mean, how could we possibly? This world is as confused as a goat on AstroTurf! The ‘ideal life’ changes every 5 seconds. Should we be getting our degrees, joining the workforce and buying our first home overlooking the park? Or, travelling the world in yoga pants, eating kale? Should I love myself, or gym 32 times a week? Should I label myself female, or is that offensive? There is pressure from every angle. It’s suffocating.

The issues!

It’s not possible, nor advised, to try and navigate this millennial world. It’s a hot mess. Brexit, Trump, War, Human Rights, Made in Chelsea, are to name but a few major issues! Don’t even get me started on social media! This current ‘ideal life’ is not sustainable.

I mean, a themed Insta-feed and yoga pants, will not make you happy. Validation from strangers online, or a 'Keto' diet, will not make you happy. It might cheer you up for a short time, but it will never make you deep in your soul, can look yourself in the eye happy. How could it? The only way we can be truly happy is from within. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true. No one ever tells us this though; they certainly don’t tell us how to achieve this mystical power of inner peace either.

The Solution!

That’s where I come in *plays heroic theme tune*. We have all been misled. We have all been pressured and compared, but no more! As part of this blog, I am launching a series called ‘Millennials Anonymous’. This is a judge free zone where we will explore the different parts of life that has caused us to feel confused and insecure. We will question the ridiculousness of millennial life and give ourselves some perspective. Because if we don’t, we are all going to become addicted to avocados and flat-lays, with an intolerance to non-organic food. We will live only for the gram, and learn to write in 140 characters or less. Don’t do it people, we are better than this.

At this point, I feel I should say I’m not a therapist, professional, or an emotionally stable person. I do not have my shit together, or the secret to life. However, I do have a long old list of things that are seriously messing with our idea of happiness and self-esteem. I am happy to share these with you all in the most honest of ways, and for us all to work together in being happy and cutting the shit.

Millennials Anonymous will make this your safe space, where we can address, and work through, real life issues together. I want this blog to be a community. A place that is as calming for you, as it is for me. I will publish this series alongside my other posts, that will be related directly to mental health issues. Issues that concern all genders specifically, and together as humans.

So there you have it folks. I hope this sounds like something you have been looking for, whether you realised it or not. Allow this blog to be your rock to lean on and take a breath.

Comments, questions and sharing are forever encouraged. Nothing will be judged or unappreciated. I am here for you, just as you are here for me.

I hope you have a stress-free day and I’ll speak to you soon.

In the meantime, if you want to talk some more, you can find me on Pinterest, or Instagram, both linked at the top of this page. Or, send me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

Tight squeezes! X

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