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The 5 Lessons I’ve Learned In January, That Will Change My 2019!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Wow. It’s nearly the end of January. I feel like, on the whole, it’s gone pretty quickly. I remember it feeling like 4 solid decades normally. January is usually my hardest month, so, if I can make it through, semi-sane, then I’m on a role.

When I launched my January series, I promised I would help you bring January to its knees. Since that promise, I have tackled a different issue each week. Each issue is something we often struggle to deal with, but that usually rears its ugly head during the month of January.

Our January battle plan has included:

1) How to ignore the pressures of New Year, New Me,

2) The 5 ways January is toxic, and how to beat it,

3) Perfectionism isn’t real! We are good enough,

4) How comparison is killing us, and how to stop it,

5) 5 crucial steps we must take, in order to have self-confidence.

Now, I hope with all my heart, my posts have been helpful with changing your attitude towards this New Year. I hope I have shown you, that with a little perspective change, and a dash of realism, we can put ourselves into a completely new, and positive, mindset. These are all lessons we can continue to apply to ourselves, throughout the year, as we make 2019 the year, we fall in love with our lives again.

On that note, we’re doing it people, we’re really doing it! Give yourself a high five, for not shrinking under the pressures of society, for not giving in and for making a positive change to your life. You badass human, you!

Even with making these positive changes though, there are still some very important lessons January has taught me…

My 5 important lessons learned in January

1) The world won’t end if you take a break – There is a constant pressure for us to keep ‘hustling’, ‘grinding’, or whatever other verb makes us feel inferior. It’s too much. There is a level of guilt that comes with taking a break, as if that’s when everyone else in the world is going to become successful.

Working hard is important. Having goals, you can work towards are important. However, you cannot sustain a constant ‘Hustle until your haters ask if you are hiring’ level. You will end up a snotty, irritable mess, that contemplates the wipe out of the human race. Or, rocking in a corner, singing ‘Baby Shark’. Either way, it’s not healthy. We all need to recharge every now and again.

So, take the evening off, or go wild, and take the whole weekend off. Have some time where you switch your phone off and do nothing. You will be much more productive, if you are well rested. If your mind is happy, your work will reflect that.

My aim is to have set time dedicated to each of my goals, and to be more productive with that time, rather than working all hours, and not really achieving anything. I will share this with you, once I’ve fine tuned this routine into something that is realistically helpful.

2) Even with our new positive outlook, we can still have bad days – This point is super important, and very rarely discussed. When we are working constantly on improving ourselves, any bad day feels like 5 steps backwards. This is not true.

You could implement an awesome routine for yourself; eating better, sleeping better, reading, being outdoors, sharing your feelings, and you could still have a day where your mental health takes a turn. This is absolutely normal, and you should not beat yourself up over this.

Instead of getting caught up on the bad days, look at the progress you have made on the good days. Think about how much better you feel in general, both mentally and physically. Notice that the gap in-between the good and bad days, may be getting shorter, or that you can control the bad days better now. Every good moment, or feeling, you have is a permanent step forward. A bad day does not cause you to step backwards. It just makes you stand still, and catch your breath for a minute, that’s all.

3) There are other ways you can give – You don’t always have to be working towards something material; a better job, financial security, a weekend away. Sometimes, the most fulfilling way to improve ourselves, is something that makes us a better person. This could be anything from voluntary work, to giving some clothes you don’t want to a charity shop. Having coffee with your grandma, to taking up a new hobby.

Try and do one thing a month, that isn’t just for the benefit of material success. Making money is great, but in the end, it doesn’t really mean anything. The mark you leave on the world, isn’t your material worth, it’s you. All of the wonderful things you do, and lives you change. All of the smiles you share, and light you spread.

I know, it sounds super cheesy, but it’s true. Scouts honour.

4) There are more awesome people in the world, than arse holes – This is a fact. The problem is, the good ones are never in the spotlight.

We must believe this is true, for two reasons. Reason one, if we don’t, we end up like point 1, thinking about world detonation, or singing baby shark in our dressing gown, at 4am. Reason two, it helps us with our positive outlook. If we believe people are good, we will feel better about putting ourselves out there, meeting new people and trying new things.

We will relax a little more too. No more road-rage, or getting cross when people walk too slowly in supermarkets. We will smile a bit more, and not think that everyone who glances at us, is judging us. Not that we should care, but it certainly helps.

In my experience, when I try and see the good in everyone, it makes me feel a lot better about the world; rather than being an angry stress ball, ready to give up on society, and live in a cave! It really helps me to keep myself in check too, to make sure I’m what I would consider a good person, and that I’m good to others.

I think for the sake of our sanity, and our positive mindset, let’s believe people are good. After all, it makes the world seem a much nicer place.

5) Live in the moment – This is probably my most important lesson. I find, we either spend our time planning for the future, or beating ourselves up over the past. This has to stop, as we don’t ever enjoy anything for what it is. Our minds are always thinking about the next thing, rather than what is right in front of us.

I think we all need to make a positive effort to switch off and enjoy. Savour a meal, or watch a full movie without our phones. Have an actual conversation with a loved one, where technology isn’t involved. Have a cup of tea, and watch the world go by outside. Or, go for a walk, and just notice what goes on around you. You will honestly be shocked by how much you’re missing, I know I was.

So, there you have it my loves, the 5 lessons I have learned in January, that I’m going to take with me into the rest of 2019. It’s really important, that with all of the positive changes we are trying to make, we still stop to appreciate who we are, and what we have.

I really hope my January series have helped you start the New Year off well, and that you are feeling good. I am so proud of you, and I can’t wait to show you what I have up my sleeve for February!

Question of the week: What’s been your favourite thing this January?

As always, tight squeezes! X

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