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How to Heal Your Soul and Improve Your Mental Health!

This is it. The final instalment of our quarter-year crisis series. If you’ve been following along, then thank you, I hope you’ve found it helpful. If you’re new, then this series has been all about how to get your life back on track if you’re stuck in a bit of a rut.

You deserve a happy and positive life, and that is what this series is for. To re-motivate you, inspire you and get you back on track. We have tackled these very important parts of your life so far…

1) Your personal life5 Minute Tasks That Will Change Your Life!

2) Your mental health7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental Health!

3) Your physical health21 Physical Self-Care Ideas You Need!

Now this week, is all about your soul health. Having a happy soul is so important in order to have a happy life and good mental health. Soul happiness comes from loving your life and appreciating your own value. It’s about living a life you’re proud of and that aligns with your own beliefs. A happy soul comes from feeling safe and comfortable with the life you live, and having a happy soul, definitely leads to better mental health.

So, let’s get started.

How to Heal Your Soul and Improve Your Mental Health

1) Get creative – Whatever gets your creative juices flowing, colouring, sketching, reading, crafts etc. Expressing creativity not only allows your thoughts to flow, but your soul to light up.

2) Do some good – It will make you feel good, I promise. There isn’t a feeling quite like when you’ve done a good deed. You’ve made the world a better place and you feel all warm and fuzzy for doing so. You could give blood, donate items to charity or a homeless shelter, or volunteer.

3) Sort your environment – Your environment has a huge effect on how you’re feeling. Make sure you create a positive safe space where you can relax, your soul can feel at peace and your mind clear. Ensure it’s tidy, free from clutter and everything you own sparks joy (affiliate link).

4) Slow down – I mentioned this in my last post. It’s so important to actually schedule in down-time. Lack of proper rest, will result in you feeling burnt out and under-valued. This isn’t good for your mind, body or soul. Take time to recharge.

5) Mindset – Your mindset makes a huge difference to how you feel about your life and yourself as a person. In order to have a happy soul, and feel good about your life, you need to practice a positive mindset. You can do this in a few different ways…

- By setting yourself small challenges and goals and then following through on them. This will reaffirm in your mind that you are capable, giving you the confidence to achieve your bigger goals.

- Create a happy folder.

- Look for the good in every day – Appreciate all the small and wonderful things that happen all the time. This will prove to you that life is pretty damn awesome overall!

6) Reflect – Having a happy soul means you are self-aware and in tune with your body. In order to get to this stage, you must take time to be reflective. Try journaling your thoughts and feelings each day, or, if that feels a bit much, take 5 minutes each day, to sit with a cup of tea and check in with yourself.

7) Inspire yourself – Create a life where you are constantly flooded with inspiration, be that with the songs you listen to, books you read, plans you make, people you surround yourself with, belongings you own. You are the creative director of your life. You can make it as beautiful and as wonderful as you like.

8) Self-develop – You will have a happy soul, and better mental health, if you are proud of the person you are. Now, I’m not saying you need to feel proud of yourself all of the time, that’s impossible. However, working on yourself a little each day, to create the life you want, will make it easier. This could be through reading, exercise, learning a skill, seeing your family more. Whatever helps you in the process of becoming the person you wish to be.

9) Be grateful – I know I’ve mentioned this before, but gratitude is one of our most underused power tools. It can completely shift your mindset, help improve your mental health, and definitely heal your soul. So, each day write down 3 things you’re grateful for.

To win bonus points, create a master list of all of the awesome things you’ve done, and each time you feel down, give it a read.

10) Self-care – Actually take the time to check in with your body and see what you need. Do you need more sleep? Better food? To live in a cave away from humanity for a bit?

11) Talk – Share your thoughts, ideas, worries or troubles. Stop carrying everything around in your head like a weight. It will weigh heavy on your soul. Talk to friends or family, or, if that is too daunting, connect with strangers on a forum or through social media.

12) Be kind – One way to feed your soul is through practising kindness. Give compliments out like candy on Halloween, apologise when you’re in the wrong, speak nicely to others, especially those in customer service, and never judge anyone. Don’t bitch, gossip or silently judge them. Everyone has their own battles, let’s appreciate and respect everyone.

13) Strip back to your raw self – Be in nature, be barefoot, be naked. Strip right back to your true self, without material items or outside influence. Just be you and take time to ground yourself and remember who you are.

14) Pre-make decisions – In Atomic Habits (affiliate link), it talks about how daily decisions can take up so much valuable brain power. This is why, for all of life’s standard decisions, you should make them ahead of time. Decide what clothes to wear the night before, create a meal plan for the week and stick to it, make cool plans for your days off. This will free up space in your mind for more important and creative thoughts and soothe your soul.

15) Soul comforts – This is my favourite! Practice things that make you feel safe and that stimulate your senses, for example…

- Eyes – Appreciate simple beauty – Be in nature, admire awesome relationships you see between others, or make a habit of looking for kind things other people do. When you start to look, you’ll realise the world is full of kindness.

- Ears – Listen to a calming playlist or meditation, rain on a car roof or waves crashing.

- Nose – Breathe in your calmest scent, lavender, freshly baked bread, or your mum’s perfume.

- Mouth – Eat your favourite, wholesome meal and savour every bite.

- Touch – This could be heat from a bath, freshly washed sheets or your moisturised body.

16) Smile more – Seriously, it’s proven to make you happier.

17) Live intentionally – Each day, pick an intention which sits well with your soul and incorporate it into your day. For example, you could pick kindness, and ensure you do 3 nice things for another throughout your day.

18) Practice healthy habits – Pick something you want to work on, and make it so irresistible, that you continue to do it until it becomes a habit. For example, I wanted to start walking before work. I’m not a morning person, so to make me want to get out of bed, I decided I would listen to an audiobook on my walk. I love reading, so this was enough to make my slug butt get out of bed.

19) Explore new ideas – Expand your mind to different ways of living, this will not only feed your soul with experiences, but also educate your mind and improve your mental health. So, if you’re a shopaholic, look into minimalism. If you’re a home bird, look into fun outdoor activities you can do.

20) Visualise and align – Have an idea of the life you want, that will make your soul happy. Then, each day, take a little step in the direction of that life.

21) Incorporate others – Sometimes it’s nice to have company on your journey towards your goals, especially if your company has similar ideas to you. Talk to family and friends about your ideas, or get an accountability partner. This will prove to yourself that you’re dedicated towards healing your soul, improving your mental health and bettering your life.

I really hope this post has helped explain what soul health is, how important it is, and has provided easy, practical steps you can take to heal your soul and improve your mental health.

‘When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy’ – Rumi

Question of the week: What one thing sets your soul on fire, no matter what?

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