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How Ignoring January Will Change Your Life

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve only just got over the carnage that was Christmas Day. You still haven’t fully digested your Christmas dinner, finished your series, or even had a shower..

And now I want you to discuss January. Am I mental? Or in fact a dementor itself?

Just hear me out, please!

It’s approaching the time of year where we finally stop putting the festive pressures on ourselves. We are broke, over-indulged, (although I don’t quite believe that’s a thing), and dreading our new source of anxiety; the New Year. The delight that is, ‘you aren’t good enough as you are, please remodel yourself into a slimmer, more productive, more entrepreneurial self, that you can’t possibly sustain’. We are about to enter into the unhealthy phase of ‘New Year, New Me’. Arghh, just typing it makes my butt clench.

Throughout January, I will be tackling the pressures, and blues, of everyone’s worst month in more detail. January is an incredibly difficult month, whether you suffer with mental health or not. It’s cold, dark, goes on forever and you feel as though you have nothing to look forward to. But, that’s about to change. We are going to crush January and bring it to its knees. Not only will we end the month with our mental health intact, we may even learn to like it! I know, who knew?!

Today though, I just want to keep it light and fluffy. Some of us are still drunk after all...

So, in preparation for the month that shall not be named, I would love it if you could do these 5 things for yourself. They will help shift your mindset in the right direction a little bit, before I give you my full January battle plan.

5 Top Tips for a Successful January

1) Reflect on your year - The good, the bad and the ugly, for all of these were necessary to get you to where you are now. You, as you are right now, are exactly where you need to be. So, think about the struggles, the hardships, the lessons, whilst also thinking of the awesome things you’ve achieved. Places you’ve visited, relationships you’ve made, your amazing self-development. It is important we enter January without regret and guilt. That our heads aren’t full of ‘what ifs’. Please accept, and respect, the year you’ve had, and shake it off. Deep breath in and out, and shake those shoulders. Last year is done now. Time to look forward.

2) Be realistic with yourself – I am not a fan of setting yourself a big list of resolutions in January, it puts too much pressure on yourself, and is unrealistic. It’s naive, and silly, of us to expect this huge personal growth to start from the minute the New Year begins. At no other time of year would you put yourself under such ridiculous pressure, so why in January? Now, I’m not saying for one second not to set goals and be driven, we should be developing ourselves every day. I’m just saying, be realistic with your goals, and you are more likely to succeed. If you want to start a business, do your research and make a plan. If you want to get fitter, find classes that are right for you, or maybe join with a friend. If better mental health is your goal, don’t try and master inner peace straight away, start by talking to people and practicing self-care. Don’t push yourself to be a business talking, yoga practising, super-model, before it’s even Easter!

3) You don’t need to lose weight – The New Year will have you signing up to 12 gyms, hiring a personal trainer, and eating kale crisps! Don’t fall for it, people. If you would like to get healthier, and you are doing this purely for you, and your confidence, then absolutely all power to you. Just please remember, that J-Lo’s arse was not built in a day. Changing your body takes time and shouldn’t be rushed. If a sculpted physique is your long-term goal though, then I hope you are blessed with the Baywatch body of dreams. However, if you are comfortable with your weight, as I really hope you are, then please don’t feel pressured to change yourself. You are beautiful as you are, embrace it!

4) The old you is good enough – I don’t like the phrase, ‘new you’, it suggests the current you just needs to start again. Like, ‘yep, I’m shit, best start again from the foetal position’. Your current self will need work, that is without question. We should all work on ourselves constantly to grow and improve. However, our perspective is off. Don’t look at it as you need to be a ‘new person’. You are wonderful as you are. Just look at it as, ‘I’m pretty good, but I’m going to continue to develop myself, so I’m always proud of the human I am’. You feel me?

‘Be the person you needed as a kid’ – I saw this quote on Pinterest, and use it constantly to keep myself in check. If you are the type of person you would have admired, and looked up to, as a kid, you’re incredible, keep doing you. If you’re not quite there yet, then continue developing yourself until you get there.

5) Self-care is your new best friend – I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll say it again, please look after yourself. You are precious and need care too. Every New Year, we are so focused on improving ourselves, and moving forward, that we rarely take the time to appreciate, and love, what we are. Don’t be too busy moving forward, that you forget to stop and look around every now and again. Take time for yourself. Read books, have long baths, start getting a facial once a month, or take up a new hobby. Amongst all of your new projects and ideas, have something that is entirely yours and stick to it. Whether that’s, every Tuesday is your nachos and Grand Designs evening, or you’ve joined an art class every Monday. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it makes you happy, and it’s something just for you, do it with passion.

I think our aim for 2019 should be to fall in love with our lives again. To stop wishing we were better, and love what we are; fearlessly and without apologies. Let’s develop ourselves in the right way, not because we feel we have to, but because we want to. Make 2019 the year you work so hard on being the best human you can, that you don’t have time to worry or judge. Together, let’s make 2019 fucking awesome!

Question of the week: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

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As always, tight squeezes! X

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