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Comparison Is Killing You – Here's The Cure!

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

The Killer Is On The Loose!

News just in, the comparison epidemic is spreading globally, taking with it, millions of hopes and dreams. Only the unconfident among us remain.

What started off as simply scrolling through social media, has now taken over, slowly wiping out millions of awesome humans.

This must be taken seriously. We are losing talented people daily to this widespread issue.

Please note, it’s severely contagious, often affecting everyone that comes into contact with it.

Action To Take!

Please stay hidden under a rock, away from anyone that could potentially be doing better than you. You will catch it, and it will ruin how you see yourself, and the world. Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for carriers of this awful plague.

Side Effects Include:-

- Thinking everyone else is better than you, with little, or no, evidence to support this,

- Honestly believing you can’t be successful in something, because others are doing it too,

- Having a lower opinion of yourself than Dobby, before he was presented with a sock,

- Questioning everything you are doing in life, based on what you think others are doing,

- Assuming someone’s social media is an accurate representation of their life,

- Trusting social media, the same way you do Judge Rinder.

If you, or anyone around you, are suffering from these symptoms, then please, READ THIS BLOG POST IMMEDIATELY. I have the cure for comparison. I can help you to stop comparing your life to others, and take your life back. You will know your own worth, and you will be proud of your journey. I promise.

The Cure! - 4 Top Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

1) You can be successful in any field – It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by other people’s success. With that feeling of overwhelm, comes the panic. Will I be as successful as them? Have they already achieved what can be achieved in this field? Will I ever be enough? These toxic questions circle our heads, until, before we know it, we have abolished all of our aspirations, and checked ourselves into a retirement home.

The truth is, most jobs are full of successful people. Even if you start your own business, chances are, there will be another business out there that does something very similar. There will always be competition. But, and here’s the Kim Kardashian sized butt, your competition doesn’t mean shit. You can be incredibly successful, and happy, without giving your competition a second thought. Here’s why. Think of all the people in the world. Could you service every one of them on your own? Could you teach them all? Do all of their accounts? Build all of their houses? Of course you couldn’t. You aren’t Santa Claus. Start seeing your competition as helping you provide for the people you are too busy to help, rather than beating you. There’s plenty of us to go around.

Keep working on yourself, your career, your brand. Whatever it is that sets your soul on fire, do it with passion. I promise you, that will be enough for success and happiness.

2) Nothing is as it appears – Online is the biggest problem for this. Social media can take you from being in a ‘I got this’ mood, to, ‘I am a worthless potato’, in about 4 swipes. As someone who’s job revolves around a lot of social media, please believe me when I say, it’s not the truth. I have posted perfectly happy photos of myself, on the same day I’ve had a panic attack, or cried several times.

Social media is self-promotion. Bottom line. It’s telling the world what you are doing, places you’ve been, people you’ve seen, milestones you’ve hit. Think about it, if people are in charge of how they are perceived, are they going to promote their crappy bits? Absolutely not. They are going to advertise their very best moments, because they are the moments they feel proud to share. They are the moments, they want people to know about. People aren’t going to show their vulnerable side, their bad skin days, or their can’t get out of bed days, because they aren’t days they are proud of. My favourite saying I’ve ever heard, was from a very successful business woman at an event, who said, ‘Never compare your insides, to someone else’s outsides’. This couldn’t be truer for social media. Don’t compare how you are actually feeling, with what someone wants you to believe they are feeling.

The same goes for offline life too. That cute couple you saw snuggled in a café, might have had a huge row this morning. That powerhouse CEO you saw at a conference, might be so bogged down with stress, they can’t cope. That mum who seems to have it all together, might be considering selling her children on ebay. You just don’t know what people are, or have been, going through, so you can’t take everything at face value. It’s not realistic.

3) Everyone is different – Every person you meet will have a story. Every person on this planet has been through their own struggles to be who they are. It is impossible to meet anyone, who doesn’t have a different perspective on life. Since no one has had the exact same life as you, you cannot possibly compare yourself to them.

How could you? It’s not fair on you, or on them. All that you have been through, has got you to where you are now. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Comparing where you are now, against someone who has walked a different path, just doesn’t make sense. It’s like running a race against someone on a different track, in different conditions, for a different length of time, hoping it will be a fair race. Humans are too wonderfully diverse to be compared to one another.

4) There is no one alive who is youer than you – This wonderful line was written by the brilliant Dr Seuss. It is also my final, and most treasured, cure for comparison. You, as you are right now, are wonderful. I don’t care about your mistakes, your flaws, or your insecurities. Life is hard, mistakes will be made, and perfectionism doesn’t exist; I think I proved that in my last post.

Believing that you are enough, is your very own Patronus Charm. Knowing your own worth, regardless of your flaws, shields you from comparison. Truly loving, and believing in yourself, means you no longer feel the need to compare yourself to others, because you know you are enough the way you are.

I appreciate that is easier said than done. Your relationship with yourself, will be the toughest relationship you have, but, it will also be the most rewarding. It will take time to love yourself; it’s something I’m still working on heavily. A really good way for us to start though, is by stopping comparing ourselves to others. You are beautifully unique the way you are, and that, my love, is incomparable. Take a look at my post, 'How To Have More Self-Confidence', if you're struggling.

I really hope this post has helped you to stop comparing yourself to others. You are far too precious to feel less than anyone else. There isn’t a single person out there who has had the life you have. That makes you individual, and you can’t compare that.

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As always, tight squeezes! X

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