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All Bloggers Lie. Trust Me.

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

I know exactly what you’re thinking. If you see one more smashed avocado you’re going to implode. What could the internet possibly need with another white female? What the hell is a millennial anyway? Well, let me have a brief moment of your time to convince you why my internet space shouldn’t be replaced by a cat video.

I can’t deny it. The internet is home to a gazillion bloggers. You can probably find a blog for just about anything. I’m serious... I thought I was weird... But, it’s rare, if not impossible, to find a blog which cuts the bullshit. A blog which details all parts of the creator’s life; the good, the bad and slightly disturbing. A blog which sparks controversial topics, not to get views, but to actually understand what on earth everyone is thinking. A blog that will give you honest opinions, not based on affiliates, adds or hidden agendas.

I know bloggers have given you trust issues, I’m with you. They all promise you will make millions from doing nothing, have clear skin, great sex and lose 10 pounds in a week. There are so many miracle fixes around here that it’s a wonder we’re not all famous supermodels!

It has to stop. I need some realism, we all do.

On this blog, I’m making a pledge. I promise you, I’m going to cut the shit. I’m not going to fill your time with a plethora (ooh-fancy!) of floral flat lays, my perfect eyebrows or my strictly vegan diet. I will only recommend something to you, if it actually worked for me and I have solid gold proof for you. I will not just show you my good days and my ‘perfect self’, I will be a real human, with real issues and positive experiences alike.

I want this blog to be a safe space for anyone and everyone, whether you are killing it, or can’t get out of bed. To give you comfort on your anxious days, empowerment on your bad-ass days, and humour on your sad days. This blog shall be real life. However that comes. Scouts honour.

So why the name? The reason behind the name is as simple as my ethos. It’s what I am. I am a millennial (typically, someone who was born between 1981 and 1996 ) and I’ve been misled. Misled by life, society and influencers alike. I’ve been flooded with pressures, lies and unrealistic expectations. I’ve been expected to know myself in a world that is so confused by what it is. A world that claims it’s open-minded, but everyone has anxiety from being judged. Well enough is enough. Let’s all take a breath, relax and open-up. None of us are perfect, but we are all human and that’s good enough.

So, join me in a toast, to being a human. To just doing the best you can to have a happy life. To self-improvement and empowerment. To being a misled millennial striving for more.


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