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90 Minutes Of Productivity To Transform Your Week!

I don't know about you, but I often like to use my weekend to completely relax, unwind and give up on adult life. When Monday rolls around though, I'm always mad at past me for blissfully ignoring our mounting list of responsibilities.

Let's face it, Monday's suck enough as it is. We have lots to get done and little motivation to do it. Our week then zips by and before we know it we're overwhelmed, sleep deprived and ready to do nothing but Netflix for the entire weekend.

But what if I told you we could break this cycle in just 90 minutes on the weekend? That's like two episodes of Stranger Things to completely transform your week?!

I know, I know, weekends are sacred. I get it. I'm a weekend worshiper too. But spending 90 minutes on these little tasks, will not only help you enjoy your weekend, because you're awesome and on top of your life, but you'll also have a chilled week because your productive ass has already taken care of it.

Are you sold yet?

You will be by the time you see how simple it is.

90 Minutes Of Productivity To Transform Your Week!

1) Get your emails down to zero (20 minutes) - Imagine the feeling of getting to your desk on Monday morning, firing up your emails and seeing your inbox at zero! I imagine the feeling is similar to that of having your first born child.

2) Create a to-do list for the week (10 minutes) - Do yourself a solid and write down everything you need to do. This includes work, socialising, working out, napping etc. Then split these tasks evenly across each day. Making each day realistic and achievable. This will set you up for a super productive week. I use Trello and my word does it save my life!

**For bonus points, schedule something that you love into each day. Trust me, you will enjoy your week much more.

3) Brain dump (10 minutes) - You guys know how much I love these. Word vomit any worries, ideas or thoughts onto paper and empty your mind. This will stop you feeling so overwhelmed and highlight if you missed anything from your to-do list.

4) Calendar check (5 minutes) - Make sure you know of any appointments, events or social plans. Any that you missed, add them to your weekly plan you just made.

5) Order your shopping online (15 minutes) - It's 2019, we don't need to be adding supermarket shopping to our list. Plan your meals, order what you need, without being tempted by aisles of things you don't need, and sit comfortably on your sofa whilst it gets taken care of for you.

6) Do any laundry for the week ahead (10 minutes) - No one wants to run out of pants half way through the week. Wash your bedding too. It just makes life better.

7) Do a 20-minute clean of your space - Weekends are precious. We're not spring cleaning. Set a timer and transform your house. It really works! Plus, when you get home from work on Monday night, you'll want to kiss yourself.

8) Prep (10 minutes) - Get your outfit, bag and lunch ready for Monday morning. This can take less than 10 minutes and means you don't have to wake up as early. Sold.

**If you really are your future hero, you could also prep your meals for the week ahead. I haven't included that in the time limit mainly because I never have the motivation to do it...)

So there you go. That's 80 minutes worth of productivity to transform your week. I've left 10 minutes spare, just in case you find some tasks take a little longer.

I also wanted to include three really important tasks for your weekend to make your week so much better. I haven't put a time limit on these because you will probably want them to take a while...

9) Self-care - Take time to recharge, whatever that means for you. It's still the weekend. Downtime is key. You've just smashed your 90 minutes. Time to kick back and relax.

10) Do something you love - If you've had an awesome weekend, you will feel inspired for the week ahead. It's a win-win.

11) Get an early night - Nothing will make you love yourself more, than when your alarm goes off and you didn't stay up until 1am watching Buzzfeed Unsolved. When you don't feel hungover with tiredness, you'll really want to high five yourself.

That's it. 90 minutes of productivity for a chilled and relaxed week. On your marks, get set, go!

Tight squeezes! X

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