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7 Days To A Simpler Life

Why does everything always seem so complicated, stressful or overwhelming? Why do we feel the pressure to always be busy and keep pushing?

It’s not healthy.

We are always trying to fit in just one more task, one more favour, one more extra hour in the day. It’s got to stop. Time is flying because we don’t stop to slow down, catch our breath and simplify.

Over the next week, I have 7 tasks that will simplify your life. They are easy, practical tasks that we often put off, that can actually have a huge impact on our lives.

A week from now, we’re going to be like Yoda up in here, I tell you.

7 Days To A Simpler Life

Day 1) Slow the f*ck down! – Before we even take on any extra tasks, give yourself some time to catch your breath. If you can, take the day, an afternoon or even just an hour. Sit still and just enjoy yourself. Read, nap, watch a show. Whatever you want. Just don’t use this as extra time to get stuff done. Just be.

Day 2) Declutter your bedroom – We all need a sanctuary. A place we can escape the world, wear unflattering clothes, pick blemishes and listen to Atomic Kitten. Seriously though. You need one place that is yours, that feels like a safe space. The bedroom will also help with your sleep; another really important way to simplify your life. Get rid of anything you don’t use, deep clean your room and fill it with items that spark joy. You go Marie Kondo!

Day 3) Brain dump – You guys know how much I love a brain dump. They help stop your mind from buzzing. A huge part of why we feel like we never slow down is because we overthink everything. Write down every little thought, worry or to-do that is clogging up your mind. Then, organise the thoughts into what you can control and what you can’t. For what you can, make a realistic to-do list to action them.

Day 4) Get everything down to zero – For two reasons. One, it’s the best feeling ever and you 100% feel like the master of your own destiny. Two, physically seeing that you have nothing to action will make you feel like a weight has been lifted. Clear all messages, emails, notifications and overdue payments outta here!

Day 5) Switch off from social media – This one will probably make the most difference. Having time away from social media and technology will allow you to really be in the moment. It will show you how much of your time social media takes up and how unimportant it actually is. It’s so nice to live your life without feeling like you need to document it.

**For bonus Yoda points, schedule a day each week where you won’t go on social media.

Day 6) You time – This is so important, yet it’s always the bottom of our priority list. The thing is though, it doesn’t matter how successful we are, if we aren’t happy, we’re not really successful. We’re just miserable people with money. We must take the time to look after ourselves and enjoy life. Make sure you do something each day that you like to do. Whether that is a cup of coffee with the sunrise, or Love Island in your onesie. You’re the creative director of your own life, make it a beautiful one!

Day 7) Shake some responsibility – I love Juansen Dizon’s quote, ‘not everything that weighs you down, is yours to carry’. This is so true. We often carry what we don’t need to. Forgive your past, fall in love with your present and don’t worry about your future.

Then, automate the crap out of your life. Make your life as simple as possible. Set up direct debits for bills, order your shopping online to be delivered, meal prep, use schedulers for social media, unsubscribe from marketing emails and pay other people to do the jobs you hate, like cleaning, gardening etc. Make your life as simple as you possibly can.

Well, there we have it. A week from now, check back in with me and let me know how you’re doing. Did this help? Are you feeling better? Do you recommend anything else?

You deserve a simple life. A life that you don’t want to run away from. That’s full of much more happiness and peace than ‘HELP’ moments!

Simplicity you must have, my young padawan.

Question of the week: What's your favourite thing to do to make yourself feel calm?

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