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5 Ways January Is Toxic And How To Beat It!

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

January can be a very daunting month. It’s full of the dreaded pressure of ‘New Year, New Me’, we’re broke and the weather stinks. It can suck your soul away, whether you suffer with mental health or not.

But not this year honey, this year we are going to bring it to its knees. My January series of posts will be discussing the ridiculous pressures of January, and how we can combat them. My pledge to you, is that January will no longer zap your will to live. In fact, it will empower you. Stick with me.

If you missed my first January post, on how your perspective can change everything, you can find that here.

The 5 things you need to know!

1) It’s a long-ass month - It goes on for 47 years! December absolutely whirls by in a busy, brightly decorated, blur! When January comes around, we are usually broke, with nothing coming up in our social calendar. A way to combat this, is to plan something to look forward to at the end of the month, or on the weekends. This can really help lift your spirits and make January feel a little shorter. Your plans don’t have to break the bank either.

They can be anything, from a big social event, to just having your closest friends over for dinner; everyone could bring their own alcohol and you could play some board games! If you don’t mind spending a bit more, then why not book a trip. Again, these don’t have to be expensive. You could do a City break, or a spa hotel in the countryside, without having to sell any organs, I promise! I would recommend trying Secret Escapes, Groupon, or Wowcher to get a discounted deal on a day out, or weekend away. I have used these all many times for myself, and as gifts for my parents. My personal favourite is Secret Escapes. It’s basically posh spa hotels, super discounted, so us regulars can experience the high life.

2) You’re broke AF - January can feel like a hangover from the biggest session of your life. You’re drained, feeling sorry for yourself, you’ve lost all of your money, and you can’t really remember how you got here. And like most hangovers, January can often be filled with regret. Like, why did I buy each of my cousins 4 gifts? Did my mum really need another wine tasting course? Ah well. No point beating yourself up for falling for the Christmas trap, we all do. Question is, how do we do January on anything other than Cheerios and super noodles? Can we still afford to leave the house, or use our central heating? The answer is yes! Here’s how...

2a) Do free shit! There will be so many free events on near you all the time, you just didn’t realise, as you have never been this close to poverty. You can google, ‘free events near me’ and will be flooded with things to do. However, if you want an app for it, as I know us Millennials can’t function without an App for something, then use Eventbrite. You can search for free things to do in your location and it will list hundreds for you. Other users review the events, so you can get a feel for it too. It’s great. I travel a lot, and so I tend to miss human interaction. I use Eventbrite to find social hangouts, or free music festivals to go to, to be around other humans.

2b) Shop at Aldi - Here’s some realism right now! Don’t bother with other supermarkets if you’re broke. Aldi is the supreme goddess of groceries. It’s so much more affordable.

2c) Plan your meals - By this I mean, go to as many family members house’s for dinner as possible. Chances are, older family members, are better off financially. This way, you can see your awesome home team, whilst being fed. If you don’t live near people willing to feed you, then cook cheap meals in bulk; spaghetti bolognese, chilli, pasta bake, fajita mix. These are all meals you can pack out with carrots, peppers, beans etc and then freeze. When you get home, heat it up and voila! Dinner is served!

3) You’ve become a vampire - You haven’t seen actual sunlight for what feels like 4 years now, and you’re worried you may have rickets...Now, in Aus, I’m not currently experiencing this issue. Please know that I appreciate that with my whole heart. However, I did spend the first 20 years of my life, living in the UK. So, I know what living in darkness feels like. It’s very difficult to stay positive, when it’s dark when you get up for work and dark when you get home. Getting enough Vitamin D has a HUGE impact on our mood. It’s scientifically proven. (Spoiler alert: I have a whole blog post coming, to raise awareness of Seasonal Effectiveness Disorder. Watch this space).

Some ways I would shake January loose back home, is by doing some summer activities. My personal favourite was swimming. It’s great fun and a relaxing way to get the blood pumping. Go to your local swimming pool and get that bikini back out! If you don’t fancy that, any form of exercise is great for your mental state. My friends and I loved ‘Couch to 5K’. If you’re not a runner, but would like to get a bit fitter, this is a really good way to do it. Each run is a little more challenging and is a mixture of running and walking. It builds you up to the point where you can comfortably run 5K! It’s a miracle I tell you.

If that’s not your thing, then embrace the dark. Become one with the dark. Put your fire on, have bubble baths, cover your home in scented candles, and fairy lights. Get your fluffiest dressing gown and slippers on, and snuggle under blankets. Have a Harry Potter marathon and love your life. The dark doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. Embrace the coziness.

4) Work is sucking your soul away - You’ve essentially been a human vegetable for the past week. You had just settled into a lovely routine of eat, sleep, Netflix, repeat. You have successfully regressed into your teenage years and BAM! The real world rudely interrupts, and it’s hard to get motivated again, especially when you are just chucked back into adult life so suddenly. It can be quite traumatic. Have no fear though. We can get through.

Try planning nice things for after your working day, whether that’s socialising, a Zumba class, or walking around your house in the nude, eating tacos. We don’t judge here at Misled Millennial. Try working with headphones in, if your job permits it, and write a daily to-do list; they are a really good way of being productive, whilst stopping you from getting overwhelmed. Also, give yourself 5 minutes, every hour or so, to get up and move around. Your brain needs little breaks if you want to live your most productive life.

5) The pressures are real - I discussed this in my last post. In January, you are often pressured into feeling like you aren't good enough. You are bombarded with weight loss campaigns, perfect social media images, and adverts promoting 'a better way' to live your life. If we are not careful, January can make us feel rather shit about ourselves. Please don't buy it my love. Marketing campaigns are designed to go for your insecurities, that's why you buy their products. You don't need those fat burning shakes, lip-fillers or waist trainers. You are wonderful the way you are, and you won't be happy until you accept yourself, flaws and all. Your flaws make you beautiful and unique. They don't need to be changed.

We overcome these pressures by putting our blinders up and focusing on ourselves. Focus on loving yourself, developing yourself and taking care of yourself. Become so busy investing in you, that you don't have time for pressure or judgement. I put this quote in my Newsletter last week, 'Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself', and I love it. Self-care is the most important thing. If you would like new ways to do that, subscribe to my newsletter down below, to receive a free copy of my '31 Day Self-Care Calendar' and make 2019 your year.

2019 is the year we fall in love with our lives again!

As always, tight squeezes! X

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