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35 Ways to Survive a Bad Day!

Hello you. Happy Wednesday. How are you doing? Like really doing? It’s okay to be honest, this is a safe space.

Today’s post is all about how to deal with a bad day. Those days that just feel a little too much and you don’t quite know where you’re at. We all have them, no matter what stage we are in our journey. And guess what? They are completely normal. You are not alone.

This month is mental health awareness month, and so I wanted to come up with something that could really help you if you’re struggling.

Before I begin though, please know, that whatever you manage to achieve on a bad day is a huge win. If your only task was brushing your teeth, getting up to pee, or making yourself some food. Then they are all individually massive wins. Please remember that.

This is not a must-do list if you want to feel better. You don’t have to do a single thing on it if you don’t want to. It’s here only to provide you with ideas, show you you aren’t alone and provide you with the comfort that everything will be okay.

You have survived everything up until now. You are going to kick the ass out of today too. I promise you. I believe in you.

So, let’s get started…

35 Ways to Survive a Bad Day!

1) Listen to yourself – What do you need? Rest? Proper food? A hug? A bath? It’s important to establish where your energy levels are at. Take a moment and check in with yourself.

2) No pressure – Do not expect anything from yourself today other than getting through it. Everyone needs a break. Do only what you can.

3) Rest – Whatever this means for you. The aim is to give your mind a break. Whether that’s a nap, watching a movie or reading a book. Rest your body and mind in a way that feels comfortable.

4) Distract yourself – I find that if my mind is suffering, then sitting and dwelling on it only makes me feel worse. I like to busy myself with nice things and keep myself going. Use your happiness list and plan yourself a day of loveliness.

5) Journal – Just get everything off your mind.

6) Write a letter to yourself – This really helps me. Let yourself know that it will be okay.

7) Talk to your people – You are so loved. You have much more support readily available than you realise. Talk to those who make you feel better.

8) Exercise – You may not feel like it, but endorphins are your homemade miracle for making you feel better. Even if it’s just a stroll around your area. Anything helps.

9) Eat well and hydrate – Our digestive system is our second brain, so it’s important we look after it in order to feel good. Eat healthy, tasty food and drink plenty of water. If you’re low on energy, try soup, energy bars or green smoothies.

10) Do something just for you – Take yourself out for a meal, get a facial, some new skincare products or a book you’ve wanted for ages. Treat yo’self.

11) Allow yourself to feel for a set amount of time – Feeling is good, feeling is healthy, feeling is human. Allow yourself to express your feelings in whatever way is helpful to you; a good cry, screaming into a pillow, a weights session at the gym, etc. Then, tell yourself you have dealt with the feelings, they’ve been helpful on your journey, but they can no longer serve you. This will make it easier to move forward.

12) Be kind to yourself – When negative thoughts pop into your head, just note them and move on. Don’t allow them to consume you. Actively try and be kind to yourself too, by only allowing positive words to come out of your mouth.

For extra points, write down 3 things you like about yourself to help reaffirm the positivity.

13) Practice gratitude – My favourite way to switch up a negative mindset. Start by listing 3 things you’re grateful for. You will find there are much more.

14) Simple pamper – Make your bathroom the most beautiful spa heaven you can. Dim the lights, light a candle, use essential oils, play spa music, take time to massage your scalp whilst washing your hair and use all of your favourite products.

15) Enjoy the simple things – A cup of tea, a good book, fresh flowers, a hug, fluffy socks, clean bedsheets.

16) Do what inspires you if you have the mental energy – My go to is writing. It allows me to escape my negativity and use my mind for something good. Yours could be reading, writing, drawing, swimming, organising, etc. Whatever works for you, try that.

17) Channel creative energy – Similar to above, get your creative juices flowing. Try this hilarious adult colouring book (affiliate link), drawing, dancing around your kitchen or some DIY.

18) Be around people who feel like sunshine.

19) Make your bedroom a sanctuary – Do a quick 10-minute tidy, light candles, or use essential oils. Give yourself some cosy lighting, clean bedding and wrap yourself up in a pillow fort.

20) Take a mental health day – We’ve all done it. It’s necessary. Your mental health is more important.

21) Reach out and don’t be afraid to ask for help – Go to a friend, family member, online platform, bloggers like me, therapist or doctor.

22) Watch something comforting – My go to is Friends, Sex and The City or my favourite Youtubers.

23) Check out your happy folder This will always make you feel better.

24) Breathe – Take time to ground yourself and breathe. Choose five things you can see, hear, taste, smell and touch. By the time you’ve done this, your breathing would have reset itself and you’ll feel much better.

25) Go outside - Be in nature and just take in all the little things; the sound of birds, the smell of flowers, fresh air in your lungs, etc. Sometimes, we just need to get out of our own head and feel like our problems are small compared to the world.

26) Pinterest some inspirational quotes.

27) Decide what you need and action that – If you’re feeling overwhelmed then read this post on how to tackle that. If you want to feel acknowledged, ask one of your nearest and dearest to keep checking in with you this week. Think about what will make you feel better, and pick ways to action that.

28) Take the day one minute at a time – Just concentrate on getting through the now, don’t worry about the rest of the day. That will come.

29) Music – Music can always heal the soul. Have happy, uplifting music playing throughout your day.

30) Do a good deed – Helping someone, when you’re struggling, not only proves what a beautiful, worthy person you are, but it will also make you feel much better.

31) Do some easy tasks to help you feel accomplished – Put a load of washing on, respond to your text messages or make your bed.

32) Don’t feel guilty – Self-love is something you should never feel guilty about. Do you need a day watching Netflix, a day with your phone switched off, or to be around your closest friends? Whatever you need, is necessary for your healing and not selfish.

33) Create a routine to give yourself a beautiful life – Don’t know where to start? Try this!

34) Tag along – If being alone is a bit too much, ask your friend or family member if you can be their company for the day. Help them out with errands, be at their home, or do an activity together.

35) Love yourself – Fearlessly, unapologetically and with your whole heart. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, relieve yourself of future pressures and blossom where you are right now. You are so deserving of a happy, healthy and peaceful life. Don’t ever forget that.

I really hope this post has been helpful to you. Not only in ways to survive a bad day, but in showing you, you are not alone. The beautiful part about being human is the raw vulnerability of it. Feelings can be difficult, but they can also be wonderful. The happy exhaustion of laughing too hard, the fluttering of butterflies when you’re excited or the complete safety of a cuddle.

Don’t ever feel ashamed of feeling. It takes great courage to feel in a world that encourages you to be numb. Today may be hard, and the day after that, but I promise you, it will get better. Just do something small each day towards the life you want, and before you know it, you will be living that life.

I hope today gets easier for you. And each and every day that follows. I’m always here should you need anything. And please, please always feel able to reach out to trained professionals, helplines, family members and friends if you need to. We’ve all got you. You are not alone.

Always and forever, tight squeezes! X

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