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21 Physical Self-Care Ideas You Need!

Now I think it’s fair to say I’m definitely not a doctor, fitness professional, Jedi or ninja warrior. In fact, even saying I’m in great shape would be pushing it. The truth is though, I don’t need to be any of those things to know how important physical self-care is.

Physical self-care is not simply working out, or pampering ourselves, it’s about really learning to love and respect our bodies. Keeping ourselves healthy, fuelled and well rested, in order to have a happy life and good mental health.

Therefore, today’s instalment of our quarter-year crisis series is all about looking into physical self-care, and all the easy habits we can include in our lives, to take better care of our bodies and minds.

Let’s set a good example for our minds, by nurturing our bodies.

First up, please note these two very important lessons about physical self-care…

1) It’s not about having a 6 pack, or an arse you can balance small children on.

2) It has more of an affect on your mental health than you probably realise.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get cracking.

21 Physical Self-Care Ideas You Need!

1) Appointments – Man I am a bugger for this, but it’s so important. Don’t miss any routine check-ups with your doctor, dentist or optician. And if something doesn’t seem right, go and get it looked at.

2) Drink your greens – If you say you enjoy salad, or eating kale crisps, you’re lying. No one believes you. Greens are super important but aren’t exactly delicious. So instead, put them in a smoothie. Try my favourite smoothie recipe down below...

3) Challenge yourself – A good way to improve your physical self-care is to move more and eat unhealthily less. This is easier said than done though. So, if you’re lacking motivation, try and set yourself a daily step challenge, have one less sugar in your coffee every day for a month, sign up for an fitness event or only eat meat twice a week.

4) Accept yourself – Stop body shaming yourself. You are beautiful exactly as you are. Stop picking faults with your body and instead see it as the marvellous reason you’re alive. Your body allows you to be here, no matter how mean you are to it, how much you have abused it, or shown it no love. It’s time we apologised to our bodies and made a pact to love it for all that it does. So, each day write down something you love about your body and work on building a healthy relationship with it.

5) Meal prep – Now I don’t mean make 84 containers of chicken, broccoli and rice. You’ll lose your mind. I mean, whenever you cook a meal, make double the amount. This means you’ll always have good food in the freezer for those days when you just can’t be bothered. It will stop you ordering takeaways or missing a meal completely.

6) Do yourself a favour – Don’t try and force yourself to exercise in a way that doesn’t appeal to you. It will make you miserable and you won’t stick to it. Instead, find something you actually enjoy, and that keeps your body moving, for example, boxing, swimming, yoga, Zumba, dog-walking, tennis etc.

7) Don’t overdo it – Going crazy and exhausting yourself is worse for your body and is not a good way to practice physical self-care. Find a workout routine that suits you and don’t be on a restrictive diet. Your body needs energy, and rest days are crucial if you want to improve your fitness level.

8) Make exercise fun – Exercise is a great way to practice physical self-care, however the purpose of it is to release endorphins and make you feel good, not to make you feel like you’re in the army. Go to a fitness class, have a workout buddy, or listen to an audiobook as you go.

9) Eat well – No crazy diets, no skipping meals and no binge eating. Just eat a balanced diet that works for you. Allow yourself the occasional treat and work on building a healthy relationship with food, whatever that means for you.

10) Pamper yourself – I couldn’t promote physical self-care without a little pampering. Find something for you, whether it’s a facial, getting your hair blow-dried once a month, a massage, steaming your face at home or dry brushing your skin each day. Invest dedicated time for your body.

11) Hydrate – I know you’ve been water shamed by every blogger on the planet, but seriously, you should be drinking at least 2 litres a day. Also, a pint of water first thing in the morning is a fantastic way to boost your metabolism.

12) Stretch – Stretching is a great way to relieve stress and tension in the body, and increase blood flow to your muscles. You will also become a super yoga person that can get those amazing Instagram shots, that normal humans don’t understand.

13) Rest – This includes both regular down-time and getting the right amount of sleep. Sleep is when our body recovers, it’s so important that we get between 7 and 9 hours a night. A good way to practice physical self-care is also by including regular breaks throughout the day, and giving ourselves time off from the world. Whether that’s one evening a week, or every Sunday. Find a schedule that works for you.

14) Use heat – Heat is a great way to relax your muscles, ease any pains and provide comfort for yourself. Snuggle a hot water bottle in bed, have a candle lit bath, or use a sauna or steam room at your local gym.

15) Explore – Visiting new places is not only good for your mind and soul, but also for your body. Go on a bike ride through a new town, hike a mountain or just find a quirky high street and walk around. Tap into your childhood imagination and go on the hunt for something new and exciting.

16) Little changes – This is my favourite point. Making little changes to your everyday routine, can really help you practice good physical self-care. Changes like, take the stairs instead of the lift, park at the back of the car park when you do your shopping, walk somewhere close that you’d normally drive to. Instead of always being in a rush, make the decision that is best for your body.

17) Get a hobby – A new hobby can be a great way to care for your body and your mind. It gives you something to focus on, often whilst getting you out of your house and comfort zone. Take a new class, learn a new skill, join a local group.

18) Clean – Having a clean space will really help relax not only your mind, but your body too. When you’re stressed, even in your subconscious, you carry it in your body. Create a nice environment at home, where you can relax and let go of your stresses.

19) Check in – Throughout the day, do little check-ins with your body. How’s your breathing? Are you in any pain? Are your jaw and shoulders relaxed? Are you comfortable? Set little reminders on your phone to check-in and ensure your body is happy and relaxed.

20) Have fun – This is so important, yet we often forget to schedule it in. Get your adrenaline pumping by visiting a theme park, or meet up with your friends and laugh until your sides hurt. Having fun is a great way to relieve stress, release serotonin and feel fulfilled in life. Your body will thank you for it.

21) Keep on top of your shiz – If your mind feels cluttered and stressed, your body will reflect this. You could get rundown, experience aches and pains from holding tension, and you may feel quite lethargic and low energy. Practicing good physical and mental health is all about making your life as simple, easy and happy as possible. You can easily achieve that by doing these 5 Minute Tasks That Will Change Your Life!

I really hope this post has shown you how important physical self-care is, and how easy it can be to look after our bodies. Our bodies are seriously awesome, and we don’t give them enough credit. I hope this post helps you build a healthy relationship with your body, and highlights how wonderful you are.

Be kind to you.

As always, tight squeezes! X

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