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15 Self-Love Habits You Need In Your Life!

March Series

We did it! We survived the shower of heart shaped everything, awkward dates and posh chocolate. We made it to March. How was your February. Full of self-love, I hope?

I really enjoyed our February series of tackling the heavier side of self-love. We had some good, honest chats and I feel better for it. I hope you do too?

To tone things down a little, I thought we would go a little lighter this month and look at habits. Healthy habits we should work on, and bad habits that are stopping our awesomeness. Soooo, let’s begin...

15 Self-Love Habits You Need!

As we are still in the honeymoon stage of our self-love relationship, I thought I would kick the habits series off with ways to help us fall in love with our lives. A huge part of being happy and content, is ensuring we are self-loving the right way. In February we covered some of the deeper topics. Now, we can recap the heavy stuff, whilst making sure we are doing the fluffier side of things too. They are just as important. Let’s get started…

‘Self-love – A celebration of your own unique essence’

1) Set boundaries – This topic can be difficult to master but it will change your life! Having healthy personal boundaries to protect your mental health and wellbeing is so important. I have a whole post about it here though, so don’t sweat it.

2) Be active – As often as you can. This isn’t for weight and fitness reasons, this is to focus our minds and get our blood pumping. Walk to the shops instead of drive, take the stairs instead of the lift, dance about whilst you do the dishes, it doesn’t matter. Just get those endorphins pumping!

3) Remove toxic people – Toxic people suck, and we are too busy being happy to deal with them. People who aren’t supportive of your new journey, have to go. Find out how to remove them here.

4) Know your bad points – None of us are perfect, and a very important part of self-love, is acknowledging the more difficult parts of ourselves. That’s a sign of true self-love and self-awareness. Acknowledge there are parts of you that need work and be open to improving those.

5) Self-develop – Read, watch documentaries, meditate, take an online course, listen to a Podcast. Try and do something small each week that your future self will thank you for.

6) Check yourself before you wreck yourself–Try and always be mindful of yourself. Are you kind? Are you grateful? Have you done a good deed recently? Keeping ourselves in check is such a brave thing. It’s easy to make excuses for ourselves. It takes strength and courage to better ourselves.

7) Be kind – We don’t often realise how a simple smile can impact someone’s day. Asking the cashier how they are, saying thank you to the postman, or complimenting someone on their outfit, can really improve their mindset. Sometimes it’s just nice to be noticed in this ever-busy world. Spread the love. You’ll feel great for it.

8) Have time off – We can’t be go, go, go all the time. It’s not sustainable and we will just burn out. Take time for downtime and just to do nothing. Rest your mind and body guilt free. You deserve it.

9) Have routines – You don’t need a strict minute by minute schedule. Just decide what your priorities are and create yourself a simple routine to include these. Routines can help you live your most productive life, whilst ensuring you schedule in down time.

10) Don’t overwhelm yourself – You hear self-love and think you need to become a mindful, permanently happy robot. You don’t. This is not sustainable. We are human and we feel a million emotions a day. Don’t feel pressured to be the picture of self-love all the time. None of us are.

Do everything at your own pace. Try and focus on 3 things in your life you want to improve at a time and do those, until you’re happy. They could be eating more veg, drinking more water and going to bed earlier. This is all about creating a happier life for yourself, not making you feel worse for a being a real person with real life to deal with. Always do what works for you.

11) Make time for you time – Do something that is purely for your enjoyment – a walk, a scary movie, a facial, dubstep, whatever it is, schedule time for it.

12) Positive mindset – This is a topic I’ll cover more in depth, but for now, this is all about actively trying to have a positive mentality. Life is hard, it comes with ups and downs, and in order to have a generally happy life, we need to appreciate the beauty in it as much as we can.

For example, you don’t like your job. Instead of hating every working minute, see your job as the reason you can do nice things, make sure you take regular breaks throughout the day, give yourself a nice workspace, pack healthy snacks to break the day up and use to-do lists. By all means, please change your job if you don’t like it. I just know it isn’t always that simple, so just try and make the best out of what you have, is the message.

13) Practice gratitude – There is always something to be grateful for. Whether that be your health, your family, the food you have, clean sheets or ice-cold water. We experience so many beautiful things each day that we take for granted.

Before you go to sleep each night, write down 3 things you were grateful for that day, no matter how small. It’s a really good way of practising that positive mindset too.

14) Stop pressuring yourself– If you’re trying in all aspects of your life, and you’re a kind person, then give yourself a break. Stop pushing yourself to make more, see more, do more. Make time to stop and appreciate your life too. You should be proud of yourself.

15) Be kind to yourself – We are always beating ourselves up over everything. We are never ‘good enough’. Would you speak to your friends and family the way you speak to yourself? I’m guessing you wouldn’t, so treat yourself nicer. You deserve better.

Try and see yourself the way everyone else sees you. Recognise your strengths, your favourite feature, your best skill, how much good you do. This isn’t arrogance, it’s knowing your worth and celebrating that fact. Treasure yourself for all that you are. Stop punishing yourself over mistakes. Stop pressuring yourself over the future. Enjoy the life you have made in the here and now and thank yourself for making it.

It’s all about stopping negative self-talk. You are wonderful, so start realising that. I have a whole post on stopping negative self-talk here if you would like to know a little more.

I hope this post has shown you some healthy habits you can practice to really start loving yourself. You are so deserving of the love you give to others, and once you realise that, your life will change for the better.

Can’t wait to see you next Wednesday!

Tight squeezes! X

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