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10 Ways To Sleigh Christmas When You're An Emotional Wreck!

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

As we all well know, anxiety is not just for Christmas; it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Christmas though, can be a particularly painful season when your mental health isn’t quite where it should be. But don’t worry, I have the solution to make your mental health completely fade away. Some would say it’s a Christmas miracle. See below for my ten ways to do Christmas like a pro!

Top Ten Christmas Tips!

1) Send all of your relatives a Christmas card – This selfless act should only cost around £50.00, and will prove to all of your distant relatives, that you really have your shit together. Your love and organisation will be showcased on their windowsills for two whole weeks! So worth it.

2) Go to as many family events as you can – It doesn’t matter if you have social anxiety. Who cares if you are still in the same life position as you were three Christmases ago? I’m sure your aunt Jill would love to hear all about it. No-one will even notice you’re still single, it’s great. Family events are the best way to ensure you are self-assured and empowered for the upcoming year.

3) Watch YouTube videos about gift wrapping – Make sure you set yourself unrealistic expectations about how your wrapping should look. Then, watch someone super creative on a time-lapse do it way better than you ever will. It’s sure to make you feel fantastic about yourself and your creative ability.

4) Pinterest gift ideas – Continue your creative streak by searching reams of beautiful heartfelt gifts you can make, with just 74 items and an Art Degree. What could be more perfect for your family, than your incredible DIY gifts, that only reiterate the fact you are poor.

5) Set yourself a realistic budget – It’s okay if you still have two credit cards to pay off from last year, and you’re working three jobs. Your second cousin, once removed, will really appreciate the ‘Afternoon Tea Experience’ that cost you £100. They will treasure it forever! The fact you can never get a mortgage, due to your horrific credit score, is totally worth it to see their smiling face once a year, right?

6) Turn your house into a festive paradise – You know what will calm your festive anxiety? Christmas decorations. Everywhere. It’s okay, it should only cost around £500 to stick to a strict colour scheme, that your millions of friends will admire. Don’t forget about your outside lights either. Your electricity bill will only triple, which is a small price to pay for strangers everywhere.

7) Post the perfect Christmas selfie to all of your social media accounts – Want to show everyone how much you just love the festive season? How cosy and together you are? How you are just the epitome (ooh fancy!) of Christmas? Then boost your self-esteem by taking 150 selfies, where, if you’re lucky, only one of them will stop you considering plastic surgery! What is Christmas without validation from people you vaguely know?

8) Enjoy your work’s Christmas Do and other obligatory social events – Drink slowly and don’t forget to ask about your colleague’s kids. Talk about career prospects, and reflect on the successful year you’ve had. Don’t get shitfaced and tell your boss what you really think. Your mental health is much better off if you suppress everything, always. Continue to make money for a muppet that doesn’t know your last name, and works you to the bone. After all, it gives you a career to brag about at your next family event.

9) Watch Love Actually, and listen to Mariah Carey on repeat – This healthy routine is a sure-fire way to put you in the Christmas spirit. It will also remind you, more than ever, that you are single and will probably die alone. It’s perfect.

10) Enjoy it! – ‘Tis the season to be jolly after all. If you’re stressed, poor, reminded of your loneliness, and dreading the New Year, then CONGRATULATIONS! You have sleighed Christmas! See what I did there? Christmas crackers don’t have anything on me!

So, there you have it folks. Follow my Christmas tips, and not only will you have the best Christmas ever, but your anxiety will be but a distant memory, just like last Christmas..

On a serious note, I hope this post has given you a giggle, and put the societal pressures of Christmas into perspective a little bit. I love Christmas, but it is an incredibly difficult time of year when you suffer with mental health. I have been susceptible to every point listed above and had years stressed, over-worked and miserable.

Please remember that Christmas is about taking the time for yourself and loved ones, eating way too much chocolate and not getting out of your pyjamas. It is not about the commercial bullshit we are pushed to believe.

Christmas is often the hardest time of year for most. So, spread the love, spread the smiles, spread the kindness. Help a stranger, give them a compliment, or just a grin. Be patient, and spend time with your loved ones. Your company will always be more appreciated than any gift. That I can promise you.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Wherever you are, or whatever you do, I hope you are happy! You are so loved.

As always, tight squeezes! x

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