Why am I here?

About Me

A little more realism. A little less judgement.

Photo number 1: How you see everyone else's life..


Photo number 2: How you see your own life...


Sound familiar? I thought so.

I set up this blog because I'm 22 and already exhausted.

Exhausted by the unrealistic ideas that society bombards us with. Are we successful enough?  Are we happy enough? Are we 'goals'?

I need a nap.


We no longer feel comfortable in our own skin, because we compare ourselves to everyone else; celebrities, influencers, vegans, yoga instructors, or anyone that just isn't us. It's got to stop. Our mental health is suffering.

My anxiety has anxiety.


Misled Millennial is now your safe space. Here, mental health will be discussed honestly. The crazy pressures will be torn down and replaced by realism. 

No more lies. No more not feeling good enough. No more judgement.  Let's empower and support one another.

Let's take our lives back from mental health.

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